We would like to preserve the global forest ecosystems and create a more harmonious world. As a leader in the forest industry, we always insist on closely linking our corporate mission with social development.

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Employees of the Group

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We come from all corners of the world, with different professional backgrounds and hobbies. However, we have gathered here because of a common dream - to help the global forest ecological balance and make CFGC the most influential company in the world. We look forward to having more like-minded professionals to join us. With passion and love for work and life, you will walk with us hand in hand to create a better future together.

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Investment and Financing Department

A team full of enthusiasm and pursuit of excellence, led by senior executive with 20 years of financial-related industry experience. Currently, we continue to recruit domestic and foreign financial talents, so as to broaden investment and financing channels, expand business scope. We aim to build an efficient, professional and comprehensive overseas investment and financing platform that has a central state owned enterprise background.

Finance Department

An experienced professional team with members from large Chinese and foreign corporates such as the world’s top 500 and four major international accounting firms. We target to provide the company with a complete financial accounting system, strengthen internal capital management and control capabilities, and improve the company’s risk awareness.

Human Resources & Administration Department

A serious, down-to-earth and caring team is led by executives with 20 years of all round experience in human resources functions. Committed to achieving talent development, raise of performance and resource allocation. Provide various support to departments to ensure that the company has sufficient and excellent human resource to achieve the company's long-term development goals.