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Management Philosophy

Build Strategic Support System

CFTC provides strong supports to business departments by building a strategic system. The system includes organizational control, risk management, human resources management, operation informatization and standardization, thereby enabling the company to better adapt to changes in CFTC’s external environment and the ongoing changes within the organization. Thus it would ensure the effective implementation of the company's overall strategy.

Promote Process Management

Based on the company's development and industry conditions, CFTC has formulated a series of process guidelines to standardize collaboration between departments and improve work efficiency. In addition, we implement a responsibility system, so that all responsible persons, regardless of their positions, would bear their corresponding responsibilities while they exercise their powers. This eventually ensures the smooth and efficient operation. During the process, we will set up a long-term optimization mechanism to review the results periodically. Based on that, we will then simplify and improve the procedures.

Establish Comprehensive Risk Management System

In order to strengthen internal control and improve risk awareness, CFTC has formulated a series of risk management policies based on its own business characteristics and management needs. It includes the establishment of management systems, process guidelines, and division of responsibilities for various tasks. At the same time, the company will regularly review the effectiveness of its risk management policies. From time to time, we make corrections to existing issues and gradually improve the our risk management system.

Implement Humanized Management

CFTC places much emphasis on the use of emotional management to meet the psychological needs of our staff by showing respect and care. On the other hand, we are keen to create a harmonious learning and working atmosphere. We hope our staff would treat the company like their own families and grow alongside with us.