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Core Business Strategies

Development and Utilization of Forest Resources (“Forest +” Strategy)

CFGC has been importing timber globally to meet the rapid growing demand of timber consumption in China. As encouraged by the “going global” policy, the Group has established procurement networks with 21 countries and regions to broaden its procurement channels. Aside from the sourcing enhancement, the Group has also been actively seeking for opportunities for the acquisition of forest resources to ensure a stable and secure supply of timber to feed its continued growth. The Group is currently in possession of over 30 forests across New Zealand, amounting to 29,000 hectares of plantation on around 42,400 hectares of land, of which about 6,700 hectares of land is available through harvesting right or rental agreement. Additionally, the Group has also obtained the exclusive selling right of the forests owned by Hong Kong Greenheart Company in New Zealand, which has enabled the Group to become the most influential foreign forest enterprise in New Zealand. The continuous expansion of its global footprint has also led to a successful comprehensive strategic cooperation with RFP (Far East Forestry), the largest timber corporation in Russia, to further develop forest resources in Russia. Furthermore, CFGC has been persistently building networks to ensure a stable and secure supply of timber via direct procurement and gaining exclusive selling right in countries and regions rich in forestry resources, such as the United States, Canada, Gabon, Suriname and etc. As a result, CFGC has secured supply of timber from around 18 million mu of forest lands around the world as of Sep 2020. The Chinese government announced Commercial Harvest Exclusion Policy in 2015 with the intention of prohibition on commercial logging of natural forests, which has provided numerous opportunities to global forestry enterprises. CFGC has benefited from the policy which has created increasing reliance on timber imports and needs for domestic production of merchantable timber. Therefore, the Group has been actively participating in the afforestation projects in Leilin, Cenxi and Chongqing which would help to secure the future supply of domestic merchantable timber. The Group possesses approximately 865,000 mu of forests land in Zhanjiang Guangdong and Cenxi Guangxi. It is the largest plantation forest in southern China and is the leading eucalyptus chip supplier in China. Furthermore, CFGC has formed partnership with the Chongqing Municipal Government on a forest reserve base project to build a 5-million-mu national forest reserve. The reserve base will be an ecological barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River.