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Building our green future together.

Protection and Cultivation of Domestic Natural Forest Resources

CFGC is committed to the mission of “protecting national ecology, timber supply and species diversity” by promoting the transformation and upgrade of traditional forestry to a sustainable forestry. Building a comprehensive industrial chain in the forestry economy is the key to success. It requires business integration of global forest resources development, under-forest economy development, timber trading and processing and seedling growth etc. The Group possesses approximately 865,000 mu of forests land in Zhanjiang Guangdong and Cenxi Guangxi. It is the largest plantation forest in southern China and is the leading eucalyptus chip supplier in China. The stress-resistant performance and increment of eucalyptus trees in the plantation base are 30%-50% higher than similar species. Furthermore, CFGC has formed partnership with the Chongqing Municipal Government on a forest reserve base project to build a 5-million-mu national forest reserve with total investment of CNY19.5 billion. The reserve base will be an ecological barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River.

Commitment to Green Growth and Upgrade of the Eco-Tourism Industry

Forestry plays an indispensable and irreplaceable role in the promotion of green growth. The increasing awareness in green growth has provided CFGC with opportunities to integrate high-quality ecological resources under the guidance of “Two mountains” theory and eventually develop into innovative management and business models, that would bring significant economic benefits to the Group and realization of sustainable development goals in forestry. The Group has been promoting the integration of ecological tourism, ecotherapy, lake development and national parks into differentiated products in forest tour, which would accelerate the development of the ecological tourism industry and the forest therapy industry. The development of Qiandao Lake of the Group is a leading example of the integration that is paving the way for a complete ecological tourism industry chain.

Green Growth and Low-carbon Footprint

Environmental protection and fighting climate change are global challenges nowadays. CFGC has always been committed to the concept of green growth and low-carbon footprint. We have incorporated environmental risks management into our routine operations and proactively investigated into any potential environmental issues. Treatments and risk mitigations for potential pollutants have been in place for the protection of our biodiversity and promotion of environmental awareness. Through the above measures, great improvement has been witnessed in CFGC’s environmental protection works. In addition, China National Forest Products Group Co. Ltd, which is the largest subsidiary of CFGC, is currently a member of the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (“PEFC”, a certification system for sustainable forest management) and the Forest Stewardship Council (“FSC”, a forest management certification). They are international recognitions for our commitments towards green growth.

Commitment to the Ecological Civilization Development

A better national environment with bluer sky, greener mountains and clearer water is presenting to the world, in company with the speeding up of the ecological civilization development in China. CFGC is dedicated to the consistent execution of the national ecological civilization strategy and building a Beautiful China initiative by demonstrating its advocacy to green growth as a central SOE and incorporating ecological development into forestry industry.