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The advocate to achieve global ecological balance and put sustainable development into practice.

The Only Central State-Owned Enterprise in Forestry Industry

China Forestry Group Corporation (“CFGC” or “the Group”) is a state-owned enterprise approved by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (“SASAC”). It is currently the only comprehensive forestry enterprise supervised by SASAC. CFGC shoulders the responsibility of protecting national ecology, timber supply and species diversity. It is the model corporation in the forestry industry for national afforestation and exploration of international forest resources.

Largest International Timber Trader in China

CFGC controls 18.1 million mu (as at 2020 August) of forest resources globally, along with timber production bases and operating outlets built in 21 countries, including New Zealand, Australia, Russia, Gabon, etc. In addition, the Group has also established ports and logistics in 5 countries, including New Zealand, Australia, Russia, etc. CFGC recorded direct import of approximately 19.5 million cubic meters of timbers and logs into China in 2019, accounted for almost 20% of the total import volume of the country. The total trade volume of timber reached 94.0 million cubic meters in 2019, making the Group the top trader in China.

Leadership in the Transformation of Forestry Ecology

CFGC seizes the opportunities presented by the 18th CPC National Congress to incorporate the concept of ecological civilization into the overall layout of socialism with Chinese characteristics - “five-in-one”. The Group has initiated business strategies of “Forests+”, “Parks+”, and “Lakes+”. The goals are to enhance the controllable forest area, implement a vertically integrated business model, develop ecotourism and water conservation fishery simultaneously. CFGC aims to change the nature of the forestry industry, which is often regarded as labour intensive with little technical requirements and low entry barriers.

Vision & Mission
Lead in the ecological industry and be a world-class corporation.
Protect national timber supply, ecology safety, and species diversity.
Promote integration of Industrial chain, supply chain and capital chain in China forestry industry for building a comprehensive and transforming platform.
Pioneering in the establishment of a global forest ecosystem by the “Going Global” strategy.

Business Strategy

Forest +

Park +

Lake +

Geographical Strategy
Forests +: Development of global controllable forest resources
Parks +: Expansion along the border, the river, and the coast
Lakes +: One to Ten, Ten to Hundred

Core values